1968 — 2024

Peddlethorp is a design and architecture studio committed to creating beautiful, sustainable and enduring built environments. Our singularly human, authentic approach is backed by technical excellence. Our reputation has been built on landmark projects for private and public sector clients throughout New Zealand since 1968.

The Hayman Kronfeld Building view from Customs Street

we listen

Our approach to Research & Design is collaborative and insightful. We come to each project without preconceptions, and the first thing we do is listen – to our clients, to the end users, and also to what the site and context have to say. And we keep listening. And exploring. And refining.

The goal is always to arrive at a clear, guiding idea that focuses everyone on creating the most elegant response. We find this way of working produces precise yet often surprising designs that make objective sense, and lead to beautiful, brilliant buildings.

& teamwork

We attract bright, talented people who thrive in a culture unencumbered by ego and empire-building. Our ethic is one of honesty and hard work.

We are fortunate to have some of the most experienced and qualified architects in the industry sitting in our studio.

While known for striking and distinctive designs, we are proud of having no ‘house style’.