Great design is delivered by a craft-level understanding of buildings that informs the built result. Peddlethorp’s core strength allows for the most complex and creative concepts to be articulated into reality through the depth and quality of our design detailing.

Our proven ability to deliver on projects of diverse scale and type is highly regarded throughout the construction industry. As acknowledged industry leaders across all project scales, Peddle Thorp has a deep understanding of both design challenges and client aspirations. Along with genuinely innovative design capability, our expertise in team leadership, cost control and architectural practice has seen many of New Zealand’s most unique buildings delivered.

We are enthusiastic about the many contexts and purposes of great architecture. Whether functional or spectacular, Peddlethorp’s award-winning creations are made to the most exacting standards of craft and precision. Our ethic of detail and clear communication puts client needs at the centre – from conception through to finished building.

We embrace collaboration, and the drawing together of unique skills for the benefit of each project. Successful partnerships, utilising the complementary expertise of each practice, have been formed with local and international firms on projects ranging in scale and building type.

Our distinctive designs are renowned not only for their scale, but for their styling and finesse. At Peddlethorp, the finish is superb because the process is exceptional

Our Services

Interior Design
Expert Advice & Resolution
Technical & QA

Peddlethorp’s award winning project portfolio spans all major industry sectors including commercial, education, healthcare, hotel and hospitality, institutional, residential, sports and leisure, aged care and retirement living.

Our success lies in a rare ethic of service: the needs of individual clients are not the starting point but rather the guiding principle and the source of each project’s uniqueness. To capture this clarity and focus in our solutions, we channel enormous resources and expertise into listening and communicating with the client.

We have also proven that great architecture is built on excellence in drawing and visualisation. We are proud to be acknowledged industry leaders in this crucial and increasingly complex field: detailed drawing is the foundation of buildings that not only look good, but buildings that work.

We guide the client through the entire process. Our cost control and project leadership ensure all stakeholder experiences are enjoyable, informed and high-value, making us the safest hands in every aspect from concept to creation.

We work across corporate workplace environments, hotel and hospitality, healthcare, retail and residential projects. Our broad industry experience enables us to deliver thoroughly researched, creative and intelligent solutions that express brand aspirations and serve to enhance the culture and operational efficiencies of our clients.

We have developed a proud reputation in the New Zealand construction industry for our technical design expertise and high level of material and construction knowledge. We are often approached by the industry and building owners to resolve issues of technical performance or contractual disputes. In resolving these matters we rely on our diverse project experience, contract and technical knowledge to reach and recommend the proper conclusions.

We often work in partnership with other New Zealand, Australian and international Architects and Interior Design Practices where complementary roles are played by each practice. Mutual respect always exists and we have the maturity, resources and experience, to develop and deliver on a client’s underlying project vision.

Design Detailing – High quality+depth of detailing. Everyone is encouraged to research technical issues and to further specific interests.

On Site – Our common sense approach to detailing is carried through to the site.

QA – Our QA has been developed in the context of working with Clients’ and Contractors’ systems.

Peer Review – Independent, constructive criticism at critical stages of the design process.

Over the past five decades Peddlethorp has been renowned for high standards in detailing and project delivery. These key factors go together: accurate detail makes a final build more efficient for everyone. This common-sense focus on detail throughout the process utilises the latest 3D modelling technology and Building Information Modelling (BIM). A highly sophisticated and integrated technology, BIM allows architects, design consultants and quantity surveyors to be on the same page throughout. We employ BIM to recognised best practice standards, so we can maintain the utmost clarity and efficiency in the planning, costing-out and delivery of projects.


Peddlethorp is committed to creating and sustaining a work environment that values and supports diversity and inclusion with the aim that each and every one of our people has a full sense of belonging within our organization. As a practice we are proud to have assembled a diverse and highly talented team of design professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds. We aspire that individuals are equally valued and respected and are committed to providing a fair, equitable and mutually supportive working environment for all.


We embrace sustainable design initiatives as they apply to our broader built and natural environment, and the opportunity and responsibility that this places upon us as architects and designers. Our sustainable design approach not only provides durable and resilient buildings that enhance the wellbeing of occupants, but is committed to reducing a building’s risk of exposure to escalating future energy costs, and hence enhancing its long term value. We are well versed in the implementation of sustainable design solutions having been involved in the design of many of New Zealand’s benchmark ‘green’ buildings.


HSBC Tower
Property Council NZ - Excellence
DFS Galleria
Red Award: Retail Design Award - NZ Shopfitters Association
ASB Tower
Property Council NZ - NBR Supreme Award
We’ve won over XX awards in the last 18 years since 1992.