Hereford Street Carpark


Calder Stewart


Hereford Street
New Zealand

Completion Date

December 2016

The aspirations of the development are to provide well located car parking facilities to serve Christchurch’s central retail precinct, provide further activation of both Hereford and High Streets and reinstate a through site link between them.

To accomplish these aspirations, lift and stair access to the parking levels has been located at both the south western and north eastern corners of the building and provide direct access to Hereford Street and the High Street link.

Careful consideration has been given to the façade treatments to veil the inherent utilitarian nature of the carpark. A tripartite arrangement of varying perforated metal panels and glazing systems recognises and respects the character intended for Hereford Street. The ground floor retail will enable further activation at street level and will draw people through the development to High Street.

Careful consideration has been given to the design of Hereford Street carpark in Christchurch’s central retail precinct to reflect the character intended for the area.

Bradley Luke