Auckland South Corrections Facility


Department of Corrections


New Zealand

Completion Date

May 2015

The 960-bed Auckland South Corrections Facility is New Zealand’s first prison to be commissioned under a custodial PPP model and was designed around a ‘Responsible Prisoner Model’. Peddle Thorp in association with MODE were the joint lead design consultants for the $300 million project and they focused their efforts on developing a rehabilitative custodial environment that actively supported a reduction of recidivist offenders in the Corrections system.

The facility is laid out according to a prisoner’s journey towards rehabilitation and successful reintegration into society. Offenders entering the prison are initially accommodated in a traditional cell environment with access to basic amenities. As the rehabilitation of the prisoner progresses they are upgraded to more functional and well equipped bedrooms; at the third stage they are moved into built houses within the prison compound, and, finally, upon release or parole, are moved into outside accommodation while receiving intensive support from Not for Profit agencies. The rehabilitation programme is designed to reward health, education and engagement through acknowledging gains in personal hygiene and dental care, reduced addiction, commitment to learning life skills and skill sets that enhance employability, and engaging in productive work.

Extensive consultation was carried out with all project stakeholders including Iwi Ngati Te Awa and Ngati Te Akatai which included the cultural requirements for the new facility, educational requirements and the briefing for the cultural buildings (the Wharenui, the Whare Kura and the Fale Pasifika). In addition, consultation was carried out with the Department of Conservation and the Auckland Volcanic Cone Protection Society.

2015  Property Council NZ – Merit, Special Purpose Property Award