Green Bay
New Zealand

Completion Date

May 2018

Metlifecare initially engaged Peddle Thorp to redevelop an existing 3 level plus basement building containing 19 units at their Pinesong Village located in Auckland’s Green Bay. Constructed in 1999, the building is one of the oldest structures on the site. Given the age of the facility combined with a history of weathertightness issues, the client required the building’s refurbishment and in doing so the provision of a contemporary living environment for present and future residents.

In considering the refurbishment of the building, the optimal outcome for the project was determined and a decision was made to demolish the entire building. Site analysis determined that the structural grid, and the context of the building site could accommodate a building with an increased footprint and height. The resulting proposal was to develop a new building with 6 levels of accommodation above a basement level.

The retention of existing unit owners has precipitated a design process that carefully considers the merits of the new layouts in comparison to the existing facilities. The issues of light, sun, outlook and harbour views have all been very carefully considered in determining the location of living spaces and bedroom areas. Terraces are larger than provided for in the existing configuration and the addition of a semi enclosed space adjacent to the terraces for some apartments has further improved the quality of the internal/external living experience. Following extensive consultation with Metlifecare’s development and marketing teams and existing residents, particular emphasis has been placed on providing high quality unit layouts that are appropriately sized relative to function. The setbacks and protrusions of the external balconies are intended to support activation of the façade at all levels.

Proprietary modular high quality terracotta tiles will be the predominant material used for the external cladding. The façade will be themed differently (“colour and size”) over the respective levels to provide interest and articulation. The building is positioned such that there is limited visibility of it from neighbouring land and the public realm. Over the distance, the scale of the building, materiality, colour and composition will represent an appropriate response to its context, and will readily fit with the landscape in which it is located. Extra care has been taken with the composition of the building façade to ensure that whilst the overall design is cohesive, individuality of the units and features are celebrated and articulated in order to lend the building the sense of “human scale” within the site.

The proposed design represents a scheme that blends in with its surrounding environment in scale, materiality and overall appearance. The completed building will not only enhance the experience of the residents of the building, but will also be a quality built form within the Pinesong Retirement Village.