The Bayview


Oceania Healthcare


Waihi Road
New Zealand

Completion Date

May 2020

The existing facility, formerly known as Melrose Retirement Village, was a low density development consisting of an aged care facility located centrally in the complex with single level villas scattered around the balance of the site. Oceania Healthcare decided to develop the site to provide benchmark quality elderly care and retirement facilities.

Peddle Thorp has designed the new development to provide a secure, safe, accessible and engaging environment for retired people. The village will comprise of independent apartments/ villas, a supported aged care facility and extensive external and internal recreation and common facilities. The overall design comprises of five apartment buildings varying in height between two to four levels.

Connection with the external landscape is a key aspect of the design with the common area located centrally within the development to create a hub. The design has evolved to achieve the best orientation for the apartments, view shafts to the harbour and Mount Maunganui and retaining as many existing trees on the site as possible. The design of the proposed development responds well to the very complex requirements of a contemporary retirement facility. At the heart of these considerations are the needs of the residents to be able to fulfil a comfortable, enjoyable and caring environment. The design adopts a consistent and contemporary architectural aesthetic but is deliberate in the inclusion of a reasonable degree of architectural variety to ensure articulation, richness and diversity between and in the layout of the buildings as well as the selection of building materials and finishes. The village has been designed to allow for phased development stages enabling existing residents to be incorporated into the village with minimal disruption.