The Grounds


TW Twenty Twenty


Hobsonville Point
New Zealand

Completion Date

July 2019

The Grounds is a contemporary three storey multi-unit development located in Hobsonville Point. Featuring 42 units, the development was designed to suit modular construction which included the use of mass engineered timber and prefabricated components for stairs, common areas, balconies and exterior walls.

The development consists of a three-storey walk-up module that lines Hobsonville Point Road with a retail tenancy on the northwest corner of the site affording space for two bedroom apartments to the upper levels. The repeated apartment module has been efficiently arranged with 12 one and two bedroom apartments and vertical circulation at the rear of each building. These circulation spaces consist of a naturally ventilated stair with a generous common area providing a functional space for occupants to interact with their neighbours.

The site arrangement allows all apartments to face north, addressing the street and views while providing at grade car parking at the rear of the site, hidden from the street interface. A break in the standardised apartment module provides a link from Hobsonville Point Road through the site towards a pocket park situated in the adjacent street block. This provides both residents of The Grounds and Hobsonville Point access through the site.

Constructed using a combination of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) panels for the floors and roof, exposed Glulam columns and beams, and prefabricated LVL framed wall cassettes, the project vision was to create an innovative example of the benefits of timber construction through the design, construction and life cycle of the building.

The exterior form was driven by the desire to emphasise materiality and functionality of the buildings. This can be seen on the exterior of the apartments where timber fins provide a layered level of privacy from the interior of the apartments to the street, as well as functioning as balustrades. The use of timber fins (combined with the elevated private open space) on the north elevation provides strong fa├žade articulation and softens the transition from public, through semi-private to private living areas.

Internally structural CLT and Glulam beams are exposed in various apartments, interior walls are lined with natural finish radiata pine plywood and services as well as structural connections remain visible.