Bader Ventura

Completed in June 2023 the Bader Ventura development in Māngere is the first public housing project funded by central government in Australasia to be built to Passive House standards. The achievement of Passive House performance is a major step in fulfilling both Kāinga Ora and the New Zealand Government’s aspirations for low carbon, climate safe housing.


Kāinga Ora — Homes and Communities


Māngere, Auckland

Completion Date

June 2023

The development comprises 18 warm and dry passive house apartments across three storey walk ups with 6 two-bedroom and 12 three-bedroom homes with 2.7 metre high ceilings over living spaces.

The implementation of the Passive House standard, an internationally recognised benchmark for energy efficient construction, allows superior thermal comfort and indoor air quality to be achieved for occupants through very low energy use. Walls and windows are well sealed to provide a high-performance airtight thermal envelope with an average year-round internal temperature of 20-25 degrees Celsius.

Passive houses feature around 1.5 times higher insulation properties in the walls and roof, combined with a smarter way of framing that eliminates areas prone to heat loss in an average timber framed home.

When compared to standard 6 Homestar v4 homes Bader Ventura will reduce operational energy carbon by 35% and space heating electricity by around 62% for an average heating energy use of less than 15kWh/m2/year (for an annual power bill of about $360 versus around $700).

Bader Ventura’s completion has seen Kāinga Ora achieve MBIE’s Building for Climate Change 2035 ‘final’ thermal performance cap 12 years ahead of schedule. The development is also Kāinga Ora’s first to achieve a Homestar version 5 rating (7 Homestar v5) along with an 8 Homestar v4 rating, realising benefits including water and energy efficiency, healthy indoor environments, proximity to transport and amenities.

The design has also carefully considered the changing needs of New Zealanders, including the provision of wheelchair friendly bathroom and kitchen areas.