TRG Imaging Shakespeare Road medical imaging centre view of facade. Architecture and Interior Design completed by Peddlethorp.


Located alongside North Shore Hospital, the TRG Imaging building represents a successful collaborative effort by the project team in overcoming a number of site and planning constraints to deliver a high-quality medical imaging centre.

The requirement for patient privacy and limited daylight penetration to much of the facility drove the primary building concept; a simple box form largely enveloped by repetitive articulated precast walls, opening up one corner to the more public main street frontage and entry.

Planning controls and parking requirements ultimately limited the available building footprint. Peddlethorp worked closely with TRG to optimise internal layouts to best suit their functional workflows, resulting in a highly efficient and effective use of space that works well operationally.

The design vision for the facility has been realised through extensive planting, bringing the building to life through natural colours and seasonal change, expressing the cycle of life, regrowth and renewal. Precast concrete panels feature an abstract tree pattern, up which ivy climbs. Similarly, shade fins to the glass facades extend down to the ground in certain areas to allow interaction between built and natural environment to take place.